Gutter cleaning professionals

gutter cleaning professionals

Gutter cleaning professionals many people may think of hiring a professional to clean their gutters isn’t necessary, there are many substantial reasons why you should only use an expert roofing and gutter service like Apple Roof Cleaning.


Gutter cleaning professionals

Perhaps the best reason to hire a professional gutter cleaning service, rather than doing it on your own is safety. Any household chore which requires ladders can be potentially dangerous. If you aren’t accustomed to working on a ladder, the chances of accidents and injuries increase significantly. A professional roof and gutter cleaning service have experience working in these conditions, significantly reducing the risk of injury.


Gutter cleaning professionals

Not only is it safer to hire a professional gutter cleaner, but it is also quick and convenient. If you lack experience in cleaning gutters, the process can be time-consuming. Professional gutter cleaners have the experience and know-how to make comprehensive gutter cleaning fast – leaving you with plenty of free time for other around-the-house projects.


Gutter cleaning professionals

If your gutters are found to be damaged, a gutter cleaning professional can likely assist with any minor issues, such as caulking, replacing broken brackets, or adjusting the slope of your guttering.


Benefits of Professionally Cleaned Gutters

Properly maintaining and cleaning your home’s gutters has a number of benefits for the home. Having your gutters cleaned regularly can go a long way to alleviating expensive long-term costs, such as replacing your roof and guttering, or even property damage.


Clean Gutters Protect Against Roof Damage

When your gutters are blocked or clogged, the water gets trapped and can move upward, causing substantial damage to your home’s roof and interior spaces. When stuck, the standing water will look for any tiny gaps it can find – which in turn can lead it to undermine the integrity of your roof. As your roof ages, the shingles lose their integrity and become more susceptible to cracks and gaps. To ensure your roof remains intact, regularly inspect it to make sure it is in perfect working order and keep gutters free from debris.

Gutter cleaning professionals

Once the water has penetrated the roof, it quickly can cause immense interior damage to your home. The first victim of any water penetration into the home is the wooden features of the house. Roof water seepage quickly damages wood components in homes and can accelerate decay – weakening the very structure of your home.


Clean Gutters Protect Against Foundation Damage

Not only are your roof and interior at risk from clogged or blocked gutters, but the very foundation of your property may also be at risk. When a gutter is clogged, the water cannot travel through the downspouts effectively, meaning the gutters may overflow. When the gutters overflow, the excess water often creates large pools or puddles on the side of your home.

Pooling water around the base of your home can quickly lead to the weakening of your foundation. As the water saturates and erodes the ground around your foundation, the foundation itself may begin to crack or shift due to the changes in the makeup of the ground surrounding it. Over time, this can become a severe problem that could eventually lead to the collapse of the house itself.

If you notice leaning or bowing walls, or sticking windows or doors, this is a sign that your home’s foundation may be compromised. As foundation repairs are incredibly costly, it is essential you take care of any issues which may lead to foundation degradation – including regular inspection and cleaning of your roof and gutters.


Clean Gutters Can Keep Bugs and Pests Away

Your home’s gutters are a magnet for all sorts of pests. Insects, bugs, squirrels, birds, mice, and other animals love clogged gutters as they are a rich source of food. Once these creatures have found a happy home in your guttering, it’s only a matter of time before they try to get into your home – especially rodents and insects.

If you notice any signs of wildlife in or around your gutters, you should take immediate action, as this may be an indicator of clogged or blocked guttering. Contact a pest control expert and have your gutters cleaned immediately, in order to prevent any infestations of your home by insects, bugs, or rodents from spreading.


When Should I Have my Gutters Cleaned?

How often your home’s gutters need to be cleaned depends on a number of factors. If your home is surrounded by trees, for example, you should consider inspecting your gutters roughly every three months to ensure that no leaves or palm fronds are causing blockages. Generally speaking, however, in Southwest Florida you should check and clean your home’s gutters twice a year, as well as after any major storms or hurricanes.


Apple Roof Cleaning – Your Gutter cleaning professionals

Apple Roof Cleaning Services serves homeowners and property owners within and around the Clearwater area. Unlike some predatory cleaning services which use flashy but damaging high-pressure or chemically-corrosive techniques, the highly trained staff of Apple Roof Cleaning uses a non-pressure soft wash chemical roof and gutter cleaning to clean dirty roofing. When the sun shines, you don’t want a dirty, ugly roof or clogged gutters to be the focal point of an otherwise beautiful home. For fast and effective service with only the highest-quality cleaning tools, contact Apple Roof Cleaning today at 727-277-2524.