There’s nothing worse than a tired-looking backyard. Your backyard is the perfect place to entertain friends and family. A dirty, outdated pool area can ruin any sunny day. Here are some tips to restore a tired-looking pool area.




Landscaping can add a new dimension to a tired looking pool area. Planting flowers, shrubs, trees or other gardening features offer you endless possibilities for design. When integrated correctly, adding lush landscaping can completely transform any outdoor space – especially tired-looking pool areas. For that extra special touch, be sure to pay attention to any paths or walkways. These narrow areas are the perfect spot for low, border shrubs to line the way, or even dense, tropical plants, creating the illusion of a lush jungle landscape. Your imagination is the only limit!




Once you have landscaped, you can add finishing touches to your revitalized area. One of the best finishing touches is to apply gravel between your pool area and the fence at the edge of your yard. Laying gravel in these areas is an inexpensive and low-maintenance way to accent your design. It also helps frame your landscaping work.




Contouring, or shaping your pool area is a great way to make it “pop”. By carefully cutting your lawn to provide sharp, rounded edges which adhere seamlessly with your patio or decking area, you can provide a professional look to a tired space. Not only that, but by repairing or replacing any broken, or chipped edges to your decking surface, you can quickly return the pool area its original beautiful shape and appearance.


Give it a Thorough Cleaning



Nothing makes a tired area look more revitalized than a thorough cleaning. If your deck or patio area isn’t looking it’s best, then the whole area will suffer. By cleaning it and sealing the pavers, you can return it to its original glory and instantly rehabilitate even the most tired looking area.  Without proper care and attention, deck surfaces can wear down. This is especially true of wooden surfaces, such as decking. Simply pressure washing can cause more harm than good – especially if it is not done correctly.


At Apple Roof Cleaning We Clean More Than Just Roofs


At Apple Roof Cleaning, we not only offer top-quality roof cleaning services but also clean and seal pavers, fences, sidewalks, pool cages, decks, pavers, much more! Our knowledgeable and friendly staff are highly trained to meet your exact cleaning needs. Not only that, but we use only the most hygienic and environmentally friendly cleaning tools.




Our expert team can pressure wash your driveway, patio, pool deck, or walkways to ensure they look like new – fast! For softer surfaces more prone to wear, we use only the finest non-pressure soft wash chemical cleaning techniques to clean your dirty areas.When the sun shines, you don’t want a dirty, ugly roof or a tired-looking pool area being the focal point of an otherwise beautiful house. For fast and effective service with only the highest-quality cleaning tools, contact Apple Roof Cleaning today at