Average Cost Roof Cleaning 

The average cost of roof cleaning depends on your location, the complexity of the job (i.e. roof size and pitch and the height of your home Single story, two-story), and other factors such as Tile, Shingle Stone-coated steel, etc. The following prices are only general estimates. While most contractors won’t offer a flat rate due to the unique issues that vary from home to home, most homes fall into a range of $225 to $500 depending on the size. If you own an average-sized home (According to the National Association of Home Builders, the average cost of roof cleaning home size in the United States was 2,700 square feet in 2009) and you have received a price exceeding $500.00  you probably need to get additional  Quotes!

 Roof Cleaning

What Is The Roof Cleaning Process? Our part is simple. We set up a ladder and use it to get up to the height of your roof. We then use the power of our air pump to spray our Chemical solution on your shingles. It is our proprietary solution that kills the algae on your shingles. Before, during, and after this process we water the trees, plants, flowers, and bushes around your house. That’s it. Your part is just as simple. Although you do not need to be present, you do have a few responsibilities. We are counting on you to make sure that all your windows are closed. We are also counting on you to make sure that your vehicles are either in the garage or out away from the house. Additionally, we need you to make sure that your outside water spigots are accessible and in working order. Look for a roof cleaner??   

Average Cost Roof Cleaners

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Average cost of roof cleaning

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