Roof Cleaners

Let’s face it, nobody wants an ugly house. And nothing can kill the curb appeal of a home faster than a dirty, dilapidated roof. Having a disgusting roof can give off the impression that the rest of the house is a disaster as well, which no one wants. Fortunately, in many cases, even an unsightly roof doesn’t need an expensive full replacement, but rather, just a good cleaning. The easy way to boost curb appeal is by keeping your roof clean.

A professional roof cleaning can make your home stand out in your neighborhood. Many people often put off roof cleanings, thinking it isn’t a significant concern, or that it is too expensive. On the contrary, keeping your roof clean is a small price to pay when compared to the costs of a full roof replacement.

Clean Roofing Lasts Longer

Keeping your roof cleaned and well-maintained can also help it last longer. The materials used in roofing may break down much more quickly if they are not regularly cleaned and maintained, leading to damage and eventually a costly roof replacement. This break down is caused by algae formation, which can feed off of the limestone which is present in asphalt-based shingles. Not only does the algae eat the limestone within the shingles themselves, but it algae and moss – another by-product of poor roof maintenance – can get into the cracks of roofing tiles and shingles, creating space and allowing moisture to penetrate beneath the surface of the roof.

Even if algae aren’t visible on your roofing shingles at the moment, you should consider having it cleaned. Why? Because in its earliest stages, algae aren’t visible. That means that even if you think your roof is okay for the time being, it could be degrading right before your eyes! For this reason, spot treating algae as it appears just isn’t a good idea. Having a thorough roof washing is not only aesthetically great for your roof – it keeps it happy and healthy!

Why Have Your Roof Professionally Cleaned?

Hiring a professional roof cleaning service can get your roof looking good as new in no time. While it may seem like an easy enough procedure, roof cleaning is dangerous and should be left to the professionals. Scaling a roof comes will all sorts of dangers – including potential serious injuries in the event of a fall. Also, merely power washing your roof may not remove all the dirt, debris, algae and moss which is not only unattractive but can damage your roofing.

Apple Roof Cleaning Services serves homeowners and property owners within and around the Clearwater area. Unlike some predatory cleaning services which use flashy but damaging high-pressure or chemically-corrosive techniques, the highly trained staff of Apple Roof Cleaning uses non-pressure soft wash chemical roof cleaning to clean dirty roofing.

When the sun shines, you don’t want a dirty, ugly roof being the focal point of an otherwise beautiful house. For fast and effective service with only the highest-quality cleaning tools, contact Apple Roof Cleaning today at